Reflection essay 1

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In the third chapter of A World Made New: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Glendon points out that Roosevelt and Hansa Mehta (from India) were the only women serving on the Human Rights Commission when it first met in January 1947. In addition to their work with the Commission, both were strong advocates for the advancement of human rights — including the rights of women — in their home countries.

In an essay of approximately 1250 – 1750 words, please:

  • Explore the work of one or both of these women, paying particular attention both to their achievements in the field of human rights and to the challenges they faced in doing that work — especially the challenges they faced because they were women. (For this part of the essay, you may wish to focus primarily on the information Glendon presents, particularly if you opt to reflect on the work of both Roosevelt and Mehta. You are, however, welcome to consult additional resources if you wish.)
  • Reflect on the way(s) in which the world has changed since the General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If you were working for the adoption of a similar document today, what issues would you emphasize, and why? What challenges might you face?

Please use the Chicago author-date style for all citations and for your list of works cited.