Preparation for December 1, and a note about the CEDAW assignment

For next Tuesday, please come prepared to talk about a children’s rights case of interest to you, as well as the Kilkelly article. If you weren’t in class on November 24, you’ll also want to watch “The Conscience of Europe”:

It runs about sixteen minutes, and provides a broader context for the Kilkelly article.

Finally, a note about the written portion of the CEDAW assignment. The written portion is due by the final exam period scheduled for this course. It should be approximately 7-10 pages in length.

Have a good Thanksgiving!

What’s happening this week and next?

Here’s what will be going on in class between now and Thanksgiving Break:

  • Tuesday, 17 November: a presentation from one of our number, and followup discussion on ICPMW.
  • Thursday, 19 November: work session. There will be no formal class session, but this is a good opportunity to get started on the CEDAW project, get a head start on the reading for next Tuesday (refer to the class calendar), or both. I’ll be available in the classroom for anyone who might want to consult. (Even if you don’t think you’ll need or want to consult, you might want to work in the classroom anyway, just in case something comes up.)
  • Tuesday, 24 November: CRC and its protocols, Kilkelly article.

No class on Tuesday, September 8

Something has come up unexpectedly that will require me to be off campus all day on Tuesday, September 8. That means we won’t be able to meet for class, for which I apologize.

I will eventually make the necessary changes to the calendar. In the meantime, please plan on reading Chs. 8-9 in Glendon for Thursday’s class.



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